Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the free classes at AE?
Individuals who are at least 16 years of age, not officially enrolled in school, and need basic skills improvement (reading, math, or language including ELA) or to study for a high school equivalency test are eligible to attend AE classes at no cost. This includes adults who have a high school diploma or a equivalency credential who need to brush up on basic skills for work or further education.

How long will I have to come to class?
There is no specific formula for the length of stay. Factors such as entry-level skills, motivation, and attendance affect how quickly a learner completes his/her study plan. Each AE learner is assessed in reading, math, and language. Then an individual study plan is developed, using both the test results and the learner’s stated goal(s).

What if I will not be able to attend the entire period or I have to stop attending?
AE staff understands that adult learners may have job or home responsibilities that could interfere with attendance. Learners should discuss schedule problems with their teacher. However, as stated above, attendance is important to success. Online studies are also available. Students do sign an attendance contract. (See website)

How do I register for AE classes?
Those interested adults should call (317) 988-7975 for registration information and an appointment. Registrations are held regularly. Wayne AE classes accept new students throughout the year. Students will complete an application packet. Those who are 16 or 17 must provide an official “exit” from school.

Partnerships with WorkOne:
Wayne Township AE partners with regional WorkOne partners. Co-enrollment of clients to best help them meet their educational and work goals is a priority. Post secondary/short term training opportunities are available.

On-site classes at business:
Wayne AE has experience with developing and implementing services at local companies to promote the increase of skills for the workplace. Wayne AE can assess employees and facilitate curriculum specific to job tasks or hiring needs. Services are provided per employer schedule and specifications. This is a fee-based service unless grant monies are available to Wayne or to the employer.

Business and Community Services:
Our AE program accepts referrals year round from businesses and community agencies seeking to help individuals improve their basic skills for work or personal and family development. Our class schedules accommodate a variety of needs.

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